Our Services

A full-service agency

For some of our clients we are the complete marketing department, providing strategy development, budget management and delivery of the complete marketing plan. For others we create and manage individual projects and campaigns or provide specific services to complement their own marketing expertise.

Wherever you need us to fit within your team our role is thoughtful and results driven marketing.

We work collaboratively with our clients to establish their marketing strategy. Where required we conduct market and competitor research to give us the insight to position your brand effectively. From identifying the target audience, developing persona profiles, agreeing the positioning through to the development of a truly omni-channel marketing plan, we work in partnership with you every step of the way.

As a full-service marketing agency we consider every angle to ensure the best possible solution for your business, and we can take on as much responsibility as you require to ensure the plan is delivered effectively.

Inspire, engage, and motivate for heightened profile and business success

We work with businesses across many sectors to help deliver creative and impactful communications that make a real difference. As part of a bespoke marketing plan, we deliver creative thinking that forms a joined-up solution with consistent brand messaging across all channels.

Whether you need creative input in marketing planning, brand positioning, digital marketing, visual or written communications, as a full-service agency we provide a one stop solution.

Creating outstanding digital experiences and customer journeys

Here at Pepperneck, we believe that the design and build of your website is much more than taking your content and making it look pretty. A website is often the marketing hub for your business, and it needs a full set of marketing expertise to engineer a website to meet the needs of your current and potential customers.

Your business is unique, so to maximise your opportunities we would always advise on building a fully individualised website. Initial detailed discussions, where we can learn all about your business, will allow us to work with you to formulate a plan to compliment any other marketing activities. We would then take those plans and design a great looking website, building it to be usable, performant and device compatible meeting your precise business needs.

We've been designing and building marketing centric websites for 22 years with great success. Our original clients from 2001 are still with us, performing strongly, which is testament to that success whilst demonstrating our commitment to developing strong client relationships.

Our capabilities extend from simple static websites to complex database driven corporate and e-commerce website applications.

Once the perfect website is in place, the work begins on getting it noticed! Our services below outline how we can help

Creating a digital presence that attracts the right audience

The most vital part of search marketing is to establish what keywords will deliver your "biggest bang for buck". If you dedicate all your resources into the wrong keyword phrases, you will end up throwing good money after bad.

The right keyword phrases for you may not be as simple as picking out those with the most volume of user searches. The most important factor is finding phrases where searchers' intent match as closely as possible to what you are offering. Then you can start to use volume, keyword phrase competition amongst other factors to prioritise your SEO and Adwords objectives.

We can carry out all of the necessary research and analysis to help you make the right decisions on where to focus your resources and to formulate a plan of action to deliver on your business goals.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Keeping you in front of existing customers and being found by new ones

Every plan we create will be tailored specifically for you based on your budget and the results of the research, but the scope of activities boils down to three types of activity:

  • Onsite technical SEO - To ensure that search engines can crawl your site easily and to make your site performant & accessible across all types of devices.
  • Content - To rank at the top of search engines you need to prove that your site is a topical authority on your targeted keywords. This means the development of content will likely be a key tool in any SEO plan.
  • Links - Development of backlinks from external websites is necessary to demonstrate that you are a trusted source of information. A site with greater relevant links surrounding a given topic is an indicator of authority and would more reliably satisfy a users search. Not to be forgotten is the need to maximise internal site linking, removing any broken links, whilst also ensuring they sit within properly structured pages.

Both content and external link development cross over into our PR services, with PR programmes often providing the exact type of content and online media coverage that you need in a good quality SEO programme. Having SEO and PR expertise under one roof allows joined up thinking, providing a platform for very effective and efficient results.

Google Adwords (PPC)
Puts you in control of delivering relevant traffic to your website

Google Adwords can be broader and more varied in keyword phrase selections compared to organic SEO. It's very nature of paying for page position means it can be a good way to force your way to the top of the search engines to get noticed with more immediacy than organic SEO. This can be very powerful and an attractive proposition if time is key and budgets available.

Our Adwords service includes all aspects of getting your adverts into Google, from finding and optimising the keyword phrases, to writing the ad copy and managing ad budgets on a month-to-month basis. We use Google display to target people, whilst browsing their favourite websites, social media accounts or even mobile apps. We also undertake remarketing, targeting people who don’t convert from a single visit to your website, so we look to re-engage with them when they next start browsing the web.

Measuring the results
Analyse, report and refine

For any SEO or Adwords strategy we always establish clear objectives and benchmark performance. Using specialist search ranking tools alongside Google analytics, tag and trends, we analyse and refine programmes to maximise your results.

Creative content creation placed for maximum impact

Over the last 20 years, Pepperneck has developed a reputation for innovation and success through PR campaigns across the UK, Europe and globally. Whether you wish to build brand awareness or generate sales leads we have a proven track record in creative and strategic PR consultancy.

Technical and B2B PR

We possess specific expertise in B2B marketing in technical industries across the global manufacturing sector. Over the past two decades, our PR programmes have helped deliver successful growth for organisations in engineering, manufacturing, automation, and manufacturing. Our intimate knowledge and contacts in these sectors allows us to provide insight and guidance that achieves outstanding results right from the off - without the long learning curve that most agencies require in these specialised fields.

Digital and SEO PR

Aligning your digital content and PR programme with your search marketing objectives delivers maximum return for your brand. From helping to build links back to your website through engaging stories to creating awareness through contributed articles, white papers, video placement and infographics. we use a vocabulary aligned with your SEO keyword research to deliver the best results for PR coverage and search engine impact at the same time.

One of the most cost-effective communication channels available to you. Carefully targeted content sent to people who have been carefully nurtured to ensure they trust and value the connect you send to them can deliver outstanding results.

We can help every step of the way. planning content and the subsequent customer journey if your audience clicks on a link through to detailed reporting metrics to understand what has worked best and how to bets undertake follow up. Synchronising your email campaigns with your CRM systems can also be very straightforward and ensure an integrated approach with your sales team to help maximise business results.

Social media marketing allows precision targeting of your audience and is suited to any size of organisation. From product launches to recruitment or development of your environmental, social governance profile you can reach your audience in their social media space to ensure a true, joined-up, omni-channel approach to your marketing.

We can help with setting up your corporate accounts across twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more as required. The challenge is to then provide a regular feed of interesting information carefully aligned to the interest of your target audience. Our creative content generation allows your messages to be delivered consistently through words and images, video and can help you stand out from the crowd with approaches that are unique, compelling and relevant. In the social media arena this content can also be carefully crafted to support your SEO by attracting higher number of relevant visitors to your website.

Precision digital advertising through social media platforms has created new opportunities to target specific audiences and in new ways. We have developed considerable expertise in product, service and recruitment advertising across several platforms.

As one example of this, we now frequently use targeted advertising on LinkedIn to engage directly with the people and business that you want to reach. We can specify target sectors, locations and job functions for people you wish to target or we can go a stage further, uploading target lists of individuals you wish to engage with so our advertising only appears to this people. Effectively turning LinkedIn advertising into precision direct marketing.

We have extensive experience in event management with direction of photography, press, and writing the content that will drive the engagement across social media, digital, events and print. Aligning your PR to feed into the search marketing areas of your business ensures that the campaign will deliver results, leveraging your expertise through case studies and articles to evidence the benefits that choosing your company brings.

Whilst a picture can paint the story of a thousand words, video is the way to drive even higher levels of engagement – through every one of your marketing channels. Whether telling a success story or getting over a technical innovation – video, animations, 3D modelling and drone photography, can often provide the perfect solution for your website, social media and sales presentations.