Precise B2B advertising that hits the mark without wasting budget

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LinkedIn is an incredibly useful platform for business to business advertising due to the number of users, the reach and the targeting options available.

The main benefit of reaching out to other businesses  via LinkedIn is in the depth of selectable  criteria available to form an ideal audience. With over 774+ million worldwide users documenting their careers and interests on the site, LinkedIn has a vast amount of data for advertisers to deliver campaigns accurately and precisely to their audience.

As a full-service marketing agency, we have supported the growth of our clients in territories across the globe, building brands with potential customers and distribution networks. As part of this process, we often used LinkedIn to help us gain a deep understanding of our clients, their market, the product and define the persona of the likely influencers and purchasers.  LinkedIn advertising is a key part of our offering, allowing us to reach potential customer who have been carefully identified and targeted with very little wastage of the advertising spend.

LinkedIn offers us the ability to target potential customers by:

  • company size
  • name of company
  • company followers
  • industry
  • job title and function
  • job seniority

In creating bespoke campaigns for our clients, we generate awareness, engagement and lead generation to drive sales throughout product lifecycles. We can even use your most engaging case studies as part of the campaign, using your previous sales success to drive new sales.

Utilising your leads and network, we can implement a direct campaign that focuses on these connections. We can also use the targeting options on LinkedIn to build a campaign based on users that have digitally engaged with your business, either on the platform or your website. Even further than that, we can build a campaign based on user characteristics that match these users, targeting cold leads that can bring new eyes onto the product.

Working closely with you, we can find the most effective combination of targeting options to reach your buyer personas. Advertising on LinkedIn enables us to target your intended audience with the right message with highly efficient return on investment. If you want to find out more call David on 01684 362952