Google Analytics 4 - What will impact will GA4 have for businesses?

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On July 1, Google will move from Google Universal Analytics (UA) platform, over to the new and improved version called Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We utilise data to dictate many decisions and recommendations for our clients. A vast amount of the information that we analyse comes from Google so any changes to this will have important ramifications.

Stefan Potter, Operations & Technology Director at Pepperneck, comments: “This transfer to GA4 is due to the changing needs of businesses and the insights into consumer behaviour. It will affect how data is collected and stored for individuals and businesses worldwide.”

The new features within Google Analytics 4 will help us to provide valuable guidance for our clients, including:

  • Providing increased insights about your customer’s journey
  • The ability for us to track multiple devices, such as website and app information, on one platform
  • A new, more unified data model with page views, transactions, social interactions all under one tab called events
  • Greater focus on measurement and analysis for a new perspective and a different approach to analytics

GA4 addresses privacy issues, helping its users to comply with the GDPR's stringent requirements, with a variety of privacy-focused improvements from UA. GA4 will provide benefits in both website and app data to help us to understand the customer journey more than ever before.

Steve Adams, managing director at Pepperneck, comments: "Google Analytics 4 is the future of website reporting and, as a full-service digital marketing agency, it will help us to gain further information about user behaviour. GA4 will present us with opportunities for improving the experience for your customers which will allow us to optimise your marketing impact and maximise ROI."

If you have any more questions about Google Analytics 4 and what it means for you, please call the Pepperneck team on 01684 578546.