Our role

Pepperneck have delivered integrated marketing support to Invertek continuously since the company was founded in 1998. This journey has seen Invertek established as one of the UK’s leading technology exporters and a hugely respected global brand.

For 25 years we have worked hard at being an integral part of the Invertek businesses, working in a close partnership across every aspect of brand, marketing and PR strategy.

Success starts with having an effective strategy. Who do we want to influence? What action do we want then to take? How can we make that happen? Then we apply the right tactical plan to make it happen. Our knowledge of the Invertek brand, products and target markets comes from a true partnership that allows us to apply our marketing expertise to maximum effect – delivering success year after year.

We are B2B marketing specialists and extremely product of the success of the marketing campaigns we have delivered for Invertek. Creative, branding, content creation, copywriting are all part of the service as we deliver complex multi-tiered integrated marketing campaigns through a wide range of channels. The ROI can be clearly measured through the contribution to year-on-year growth over decades.

We have been continually building a sophisticated digital presence for over two decades with UX as a top priority. This has led to the development of a global online strategy with over 100 domains, delivering websites in 12 languages, which supports a localised approach for Invertek sales partners in 80 countries.

With such a strong framework to work from, we’ve been able to create vital tools such as online resource centres to support sales partners, knowledge bases, training platforms and search marketing aids.

Whether it’s helping create a deeper connection with the Invertek brand or drawing attention to a new technology, we use moving images to great effect through many Invertek campaigns. From concept and storyboards to scripting and production, our complete service has delivered stunning content that gets results for Invertek.