Specialists in marketing manufacturers

We have combined under one roof all of the core skills and expertise needed to deliver integrated marketing programmes.

The collective strength of this team of specialists ensures we consider projects from every perspective.

By looking at the big picture and joining all the dots we make sure your marketing is targeted and effective.

As specialists in the manufacturing sector we speak your language. Our current clients for UK and global marketing programmes include engineering, electronics, automation, parts washing, and automotive companies.

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New website delivers 156% increase in online sales

National Windscreens


a decade of highly successful and profitable development



Marketing is a key factor in 25% year on year growth for the past 5 years.

Invertek Drives

Meet the specialists who can deliver one off projects or your complete marketing programme

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Pepperneck helps businesses throughout the UK and abroad to reach marketing goals. Get in touch to arrange a no obligation consultation on something you’re looking to achieve.



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