PR & Social Media


Media relations

Good content is key to any successful marketing campaign. Above all, we are writers and we know your industry. We understand the complex technical details of your business and are able to get under the skin of what you are doing.

You provide us with examples of testimonials from satisfied customers as well as case studies of your products being used and we turn these into compelling stories that can be used across platforms to ensure your success stories reach as many people as possible.

Once we have a great story, we can then adapt its tone and style to work across multiple platforms and speak directly to your customers in a language they know and trust.

We also keep a close watch on industry trends and the latest news so we can proactively generate content that is topical and will appeal to journalists. We also write compelling stories about new products your company is releasing and, through our extensive network of media contacts, ensure they get to the right person at the right time to maximise opportunities for publication in the trade press.

Media relations is also about working with journalists and we have established excellent networks across many sectors to ensure your story gets the widest possible coverage. These same journalists also get to know our companies and what they do and often come direct to us for comments on industry developments, giving your company another opportunity to gain good publicity.

We also manage requests from the media for interviews and can ensure any spokespeople you have are fully briefed on what they need to say and how to get their key messages across.


Social media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram—they're all free platforms businesses can use to directly engage with their audiences. But the idea that engagement is easy is false.

Any posts made on these sites need to carefully written, especially with the 140 character limit on Twitter, and we have an expert team who know how to capture those important messages so they can be posted and will drive increased engagement with your customers.

We also analyse social media trends and develop strategies to increase the number of people engaging with your social media channels as well as setting you up with new accounts if you haven’t already joined the ever number of people posting and tweeting regularly.

As use of social media continues to grow, we will ensure all of your stories are promoted on the right channels and that people are really talking about you in a positive way.

Advertising on social media sites is also an area we specialise in as this enables you to target particular audiences in a very cost-effective way as well as increasing your brand visibility.

This has always been the aim with advertising, whether on TV or radio, but these days many people, especially the younger market, will spend much of their time on social media channels and that is the best place to capture their attention with targeted advertising.

Social media also allows companies to better connect with their customers. In addition to funny tweets that can be retweeted multiple times, social media advertising can take the form of online games and viral videos that can be shared all over the Internet making this a very attractive form of advertising that really gets people talking about your company.


Email marketing

Great content is key to all good marketing and this is where we provide a one-stop service for email marketing by writing compelling content and then using this content in specially designed emails that your customers will really want to read.

Emails are an important part of modern marketing and we pay attention to the smallest of details such as targeted subject lines and titles so your email has the best possible chance of being opened and read. We also track who opens them and clicks through to your website so customers know this type of marketing is delivering real results for them.

Recently, we promoted a company’s open day using targeted emails and the result was that they netted four times their daily usual takings at just one event, showing a fantastic return on investment for this company who are planning to repeat the campaigns for future events.

We can also advise on how emails are an effective way to let customers know about new products and technological advances and how to best target the customers you want to reach.