Search Marketing

All websites need great content to ensure they gain decent traffic but what many people don’t realise is that you also need to do offsite work as well to ensure your website ranks highly in those all-important search engines.

Being on the front page of these search engines really increases a company’s profile and we work closely with customers to understand their objectives and suggest suitable programmes that really deliver results.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about improving the profile of your website on search engines so your company can gain a real competitive edge. When people search for a product they want to find it quickly and easily. If they do, they are then far more likely to buy, and this is why we place great emphasis on good SEO.

As soon as we start work on creating your website, we begin work on SEO at the same time, so the service is fully integrated and continues to be so throughout the website’s development.

To achieve the best possible SEO, we again work closely with our customers to identify the important keywords and phrases that are being used in their particular business sector so we can ensure your website is the first they find. We know the sectors our customers work in and can ensure they gain a real competitive edge through a targeted SEO campaign.


Google advertising

We also encourage customers to invest in Google AdWords – a proven way to attract more customers and ensure your website is reaching the right people at the right time. An added benefit is that our customers only have to pay when someone clicks on their advert and visits their website, making this a very cost-effective way to promote any business.

Pepperneck is a fully accredited official Google Partner which means we are recommended and trusted by Google for providing Advanced AdWords support and ongoing best practice managing such campaigns.

Google AdWords provides the fastest and most cost effective way for businesses to reach the front page of Google search results, allowing you to ward off competition and directly target consumers.

It may appear straightforward but to get the most out of any campaign you need to ensure it is properly managed and assessed and this is where our team of AdWords specialists comes into its own with an extensive understanding of a range of market sectors including Business to Consumer, Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Manufacturing, Engineering, Packaging, Health, and Professional Services.

Customers can decide on their own budget for a campaign – which can start from as little as £10 a day - and Pepperneck will do the rest including keyword research, creating the target ads and tracking how these ads are then converted into potential leads ensuring an AdWords campaign delivers an impressive return on investment for your business.