Great communications relies on great design – it makes messages more memorable and clearer as well as promoting your unique brand.

You have worked hard to create and develop your brand and we will work even harder to ensure it is promoted across all channels, whether digital or print, in a consistent way so your name becomes respected for the quality it represents.

Graphic design

We start with ensuring we are designing for the right audience, whether it be your own staff or customers, and ensure the designed product, whether it be a brochure or flyer, is exactly right to capture the attention of the reader.

Our designers can create totally new corporate branding, individual logos needed to promote certain initiatives or even compelling displays for your exhibition stands so potential customers will get the right first impression of your company and what it offers.

Whether you want a brand refresh or to promote an event you are holding, we can advise on the right formats and ensure all of your needs, both digital and print, are fully met and consistent across all platforms.

We will also work closely with you to ensure the designs meet a targeted audience.


Design for print

Many businesses now make use of just their websites to promote their products and services but we believe traditional print marketing is still firmly here to stay because it is tangible and easy for everyone to access.

The key is for printed materials to be well designed, eye-catching and memorable so people notice them and this is where our team of experienced designers can offer the best service available.

As less printed marketing takes place, this is an area where you also have the opportunity to really stand out among the crowd as your flyer may be the only post a person receives that day which will mean they are far more likely to read it than a few years ago when tens of flyers arrived at once and people often never read any of them.

For your local market, printed billboards, posters and pamphlets are an extremely effective way to promote your business. They inform people that your business exists and what services you offer. They really come into their own when you are running special promotions and use targeted distribution which we can again arrange for you.

Giving your customer a piece of paper with some key messages on it also ensures your potential customers take notice of it and it has the permanency missing from using digital media. Many people may not want to make a snap decision about a purchase and prefer to have a think about it before committing so printed materials really come into their own here, having a longer shelf life. How many of you keep that special discount flyer at hand just in case you decide to take advantage of that 10% reduction at your local takeaway?

We must not forget older consumers as well who still need your services but may not have access to the Internet, or even want it, so printed flyers are ideal for attracting custom from this market which continues to grow as people live longer. These customers often have a lot of disposable income so their business is well worth attracting.

Pepperneck also has excellent relationships with a number of printers who ensure all our customer needs are met and they produce printed materials of the highest quality and at competitive prices so customers get the best value for money within their budgets.