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ADAS campaign named as finalist in Insurance Marketing and PR Awards 2017

Pepperneck, together with their clients National Windscreens, are delighted to have been named as finalists in the Insurance Marketing and PR Awards 2017.

The campaign to raise awareness of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration requirements is shortlisted in the Insurance PR Campaign of the Year category.

Steve Adams, managing director at Pepperneck, said: “We are delighted that this campaign has been named as a finalist in these prestigious awards as this shows the benefits of taking a strategic approach to marketing.

“The judges were looking for innovative and original thinking and to demonstrate how marketing skills were used to raise awareness of a brand and strategic objectives as well as showing evidence of results being achieved.

“We researched and developed a multi-channel marketing campaign with the overall aim of raising the brand’s profile among insurers. We also showed how National Windscreens was very much taking the lead with a network of 108 fitting centres offering truly UK-wide coverage.

“The campaign has been so successful that National Windscreens has committed to a second phase during 2017 and we look forward to building on the excellent results already achieved,” he added.

Martyn Bennett, regional sales and marketing director at National Windscreens, said: “As a company we knew ADAS was going to have a massive impact on the insurance sector and we worked with Pepperneck to identify the opportunities and threats that this would bring. Pepperneck have played a key role in helping us identify the strategic marketing and PR objectives needed to capitalise on these opportunities.

“Even though insurers knew about the safety benefits of ADAS, the research we undertook showed a lack of awareness around repair and maintenance of such systems and the impact this may have on insurers. It also showed a lack of awareness from insurers as to the scale of the issue right now and the pace of its introduction in future years.

“The multi-channel campaign devised by Pepperneck was a comprehensive, above and below the line programme. PR, search engine marketing, social media, content marketing and events were very effectively combined with trade media advertising.

“This has been highly effective in improving brand awareness of National Windscreens in this key sector and its position as the UK’s leading provider of ADAS calibration. It has also been a significant factor in gaining awareness among insurers for the need to consider the implications of ADAS technology right now.”

“We have no doubt that the campaign to date has had a significant impact on the insurance sector, leading to greater discussion and consideration of the topic in the media and within insurers,” he added.

Award winners are set to be announced on Friday, June 9, at a conference and lunch in London and you can find out who the other finalists are here

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