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How to choose the right SEO Company for your business

A great way to start a project such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is to firstly look at ways of building a business relationship with a credible, experienced and results-orientated digital marketing agency.

SEO Agency WorcestershireYou’re probably already aware that SEO projects can take anywhere from six to twelve months plus these days dependant on the scale and competitiveness of keywords you're looking to rank for. 

Given the typical length of most projects, finding the right team that really understand your business needs is critical, the agency you’re considering should have a positive outlook of working with you with an aim of becoming an extension of your inbound marketing activities. 

Here’s some useful tips on choosing the right SEO Company

  • Consider a digital marketing agency with a good level of experience, as a general guideline 10 years or more is a good number to start with.
  • Why a digital agency and not an SEO agency? Confirm if the SEO agency have experts in generating high quality content? Landing Page Optimisation Skills (to help convert that traffic into actual business). Social media experts, web developers (to make any onsite SEO changes).
  • From experience many dedicated SEO Agencies we have come across tend to only be good at “SEO” such as back linking, onsite recommendations but don’t have experience with generating quality content or skills with social media marketing which are all important parts of the wider SEO strategy.
  • Do they have any certificates? Are they a Google Partner? Being a partner gives you more confidence they have experts in the field.
  • Ask for a list of SEO results they have achieved. View the competition level of the keywords they provide. 
  • Ask whether you can speak with any existing clients to see what kind of relationship you can expect with the digital marketing agency. 

How do Pepperneck start their SEO process?

  • Keyword Research, most searched and most profitable key phrases for your business.
  • Competitor benchmarking, this helps to see what your competitors are doing and provides a more holistic approach.
  • Health of your site’s backlink profile (to cover off Google Penguin Algorithm).
  • Current state of onsite SEO (fresh content, meta's, URL structure, site speed etc).
  • Landing Page Optimisation recommendations, to help convert traffic into leads or sales.

How we can help you

Pepperneck is currently offering a Free review and consultation on where you currently rank in Google, what keywords are searched most often in relation to your business and how to implement a strategy to gain higher rankings. This is all conducted by our Google and C.I.M Certified, Search Marketing Manager – Azmat Baig who is passionate about getting real results for our clients. 

Get in touch with Azmat today for your free no obligation SEO review by phone or email on: or 01684 578 546
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