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Google algorithm change could penalise non-mobile websites from next month!

Is your website mobile-friendly or responsive? If not, as of April 21 you may find that your website on mobile search results could dip down. And if your competitor has a mobile-friendly website, they could quickly out-rank your site stealing your precious visitors.

According to a recent Google survey, 94 per cent of people use a mobile phone to get local information and this year eMarketer predicted local search on mobiles will overtake desktop search. This is big news!

According to Search Engine Watch, 73 per cent of mobile web users prefer mobile-friendly websites and 61 per cent leave the site if it isn’t mobile-friendly. 73 per cent of mobile searches trigger a call or a visit to a business.

How it works - in a nutshell:

A mobile screen is much smaller than a desktop computer screen, therefore it is very difficult for your customers to see what they are looking for - typically this causes frustration and they end up leaving the site. The beauty of a mobile-friendly site is that the customer can quickly and easily see exactly what they are looking for and are just a click away from calling your business.

Pepperneck Example Site:


If you’re looking for help turning your website into a mobile-friendly design, then contact our Search Marketing Manager, Azmat on or call direct on 01684 578546 for a free initial consultation.



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