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.London is latest niche domain designed to drive targeted sales

.London domain names are now available to purchase – helping businesses generate sales leads within the UK’s capital city.

This new development allows businesses to actively reach their target market by attracting more customers looking for goods or services specifically in London – strengthening both brand nationality and consumer trust by association with London’s domain.

The .London domain is the latest in a growing list of domain names that have been introduced due to high demand for .com or URLs - as a result some businesses can also purchase a domain name relevant to their sector, including .computer, .agency or .florist. 

Pepperneck’s Operations and Technology Director, Stefan Potter, comments “The new .London domain is an attractive development that allows businesses to acquire a memorable domain name that directly links them to London and its extensive market place.

“The .London domain is the first that references a major city and follows a period of growth and development in the industry, which now allows businesses to acquire the best URL for their specific needs.”

The .London domain name is also available to businesses situated outside of the city, helping them to target London markets and develop consumer trust within this area.

Stefan continues, “The continuous development in domain names provides businesses with the possibility of generating consumer trust for a specific industry or in a certain area. A prime example of this is the domain, which is recognised and trusted by both the public and Google as a website representative of an official Government body.

“It would come as no surprise that in the future both regional and sector related domains will generate the same traction, and both Google and the public will look to specific domains for a certain product or service within a particular area.”

Do you need to purchase a .London domain for your business? Are you interested in sector related domains and don’t know where to start?

Pepperneck provides comprehensive hosting services for over 220 websites via its in house team of web developers. If you require assistance with your hosting or would like more information about the new .London domain or sector related domains please contact Stefan at or alternatively call the office on 01684 578546.


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