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Twitter announces its latest update

As Pepperneck’s PR and Social Media department had just got to grips with the recent changes over at LinkedIn, reports from Twitter have been released confirming its new profile design is now available to users worldwide, following months of piloting.

The new design is similar to that of Facebook, where users can now benefit from a larger profile picture and a header image that covers the top of the profile page – much like Facebook’s cover photo. 

Users can also ‘highlight a moment’ to followers and potential followers by ‘pinning’ one of their own tweets to the top of their profile, which can be changed on an ad hoc basis. There is also a new filter feature, where users can choose to only see specific tweets in their news feed, and filter other users’ tweets by tweets/replies, photos with tweets or just tweets.

According to yesterday’s report in the Telegraph, the new profile design has been rolled out to encourage more users to join the social network by removing any barriers and making Twitter more accessible. This has been described as the ‘facebookification of Twitter’, in line with recent reports that the platform will soon be replacing the hashtag with photo tagging – a key Facebook feature.

Pepperneck’s PR and Social Media Manager, Lydia Barber, comments “The new Twitter profile design is very focused on the individual user by allowing them to show their followers who they are and what they are interested in, with increased imagery and use of the ‘highlight a moment’ feature.

“This new design is particularly beneficial for businesses, by allowing them to inject more personality behind their brands, encouraging greater user engagement. At Pepperneck we will be measuring the impact of the new profile designs for all clients to assess how this has changed interaction levels, where we will hopefully see positive results.”

She continues, “This assessment will continue when Twitter phases out the hashtag and implements photo tagging in the near future. The hashtag has been a key feature for Twitter by allowing users to engage with trending topics, events, brands and businesses – once removed it will be interesting to see how much user interaction alters as a direct result.”

If you have any questions about the new profile design and how this may impact your Twitter account please contact Lydia at or alternatively please call the office on 01684 578546.



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