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The low-down on LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn, the social network dubbed ‘facebook for professionals’, has announced that it will be replacing its Company Products and Services pages with Showcase Pages from 14th April.

Companies with LinkedIn profiles can currently include up to 30 different products and services pages to provide visitors with more information about specific areas of their business.
However, as one door closes, another one opens and Showcase pages offer huge potential if used effectively.

Organisations can currently create up to 10 Showcase Pages to promote different products, services or aspects of their business. Showcase Pages differ to Products and Services pages in that they are designed to help organisations and businesses target specific groups of people who are already engaged on some level, with content and messages that they will find relevant and useful.

LinkedIn members can also follow Showcase pages - allowing them to keep up to date with the main aspect of your business or organisation that they are most interested in. As with the company profile page, it is advisable to post regular relevant updates to your business’ Showcase pages, together with engaging content.

Pepperneck’s PR and Social Media Manager, Lydia Barber comments, “This new development is a significant step up from product and services pages which rely on people consciously visiting them, rather than actively engaging with specific groups of people.

“The facility to add regular relevant content provides an excellent way of building brand awareness amongst specific stakeholders who have already shown an interest in particular aspects of an organisation. The showcase pages also enable users to signpost visitors to specific pages on their company websites – driving additional targeted web traffic.”

In a nutshell, Showcase pages:

- Allow organisations to target specific stakeholders by channelling engaging content to users that have already shown an interest in specific areas of their business

- Improve the user experience for LinkedIn members by only showing information of interest

- Provide a platform to share specific content that will engage potentially niche target markets

- Boost SEO to specific pages by providing intelligent backlinks through to relevant landing pages

To view Pepperneck's Showcase pages please visit our LinkedIn company profile and follow the links to each page.

Please contact Lydia by emailing or calling the office on 01684 578546 to discuss how Pepperneck can help your business with all aspects of social media.


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