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Pepperneck showcases Marketing for Export service at World Trade Fair

Pepperneck is exhibiting at the World Trade Fair, taking place at Wolverhampton’s Business Solutions Centre tomorrow, to showcase its ‘Marketing for Export’ service to local businesses - a tailored global strategy that has helped several of its clients break into foreign territories and significantly increase their annual turnovers.

Created by the West Midlands Economic Forum, the World Trade Fair aims to bolster UK export activity by helping businesses in the Black Country and West Midlands break into new markets. The event will directly connect local suppliers with overseas buyers through live video links between Wolverhampton and major businesses in Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Bulgaria, Turkey, Nigeria and USA. With each video link there will be a full agenda of presentations from businesses and economists followed by a Q&A session.

Ian Woodward, Pepperneck’s Business Development Manager, confirms, “Over recent years Pepperneck has implemented successful global marketing strategies for several of its long standing clients – contributing to substantial sales increases. The World Trade Fair provides us with an opportunity to discuss our experience and to show local businesses the necessity of a strategic approach to international marketing to secure export success.”

Pepperneck will be showcasing its bespoke online distributor portal, global website development capabilities and experience in working with agencies such as UKTI and MAS, as well as its cultural knowledge, extensive experience of working with international satellite companies and acute understanding of different foreign territories. Pepperneck’s directors have more than 60 years’ combined experience of export trade, making it ideally placed to offer advice to companies that are already exporting, or that may be thinking about exporting.

The World Trade Fair follows the highly successful ‘Explore Export’ event held in support of Export Week (11th – 15th November) at Edgbaston Cricket Ground last week where Ian met with a number of UKTI advisors based around the world to further support Pepperneck’s clients export efforts.

For further information about Pepperneck’s marketing for export service, please contact Ian Woodward by telephoning 01684 578546 or emailing  

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