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Integrated Marketing Package Delivers 30% Increase In Sales For INVOPAK

INVOPAK is a family run business with over 60 years’ experience in sourcing, stocking and supplying a vast range of rigid packaging containers to UK industries.

The firm approached Pepperneck just over three years ago for support in helping it to develop an industry leading brand identity and marketing strategy that would set it apart from its competitors and increase its market share over a five year period. To date, Pepperneck and INVOPAK have created a successful partnership that has resulted in a 30% increase in sales.

Paul Littlehales, INVOPAK’s Commercial Director, confirms, “Pepperneck has developed an excellent marketing strategy both on and offline, which resulted in a re brand of our company, a significant increase in sales and the assurance that we are now the UK’s leading supplier within the packaging industry. We are continuing to work closely with Pepperneck to support both INVOPAK and its parent company’s ambitious expansion targets outlined in the current business plan.”

Strategic Marketing Plan
Pepperneck developed a sustainable, fully integrated marketing strategy using digital and traditional channels to support INVOPAK’s business objectives. A new brand identity was introduced to accurately reflect the company’s ambitious growth plans and rolled out across all communication channels, both online and off line.

Online performance
The ‘hub’ of the marketing programme was the creation of a hard working website which would perform well in all of the main search engines. Pepperneck has invested in generating a comprehensive best practice model for search engine optimisation and marketing. Creating an SEO audit report highlighted key search terms and phrases used by visitors looking for the range of packaging containers INVOPAK offers, together with detailed information regarding competitor online performance and internet activity.


Research into the typical visitor to the site and information they were seeking generated a number of ‘personas’, namely profiles with known requirements. A new product led website was generated with sales paths created to cater for these specific personas, ensuring that each can quickly find the information they require, resulting in improved traffic conversion rates.

The new website includes an online ordering facility that caters for the 1700+ line items available from INVOPAK. Customers can access their own specific product and price information in the log in area that is administered by INVOPAK personnel and a search facility enables users to find additional products. This facility is accessible 24/7 meaning ordering isn’t restricted to conventional office hours.

Systems Integration
The e-commerce facility is fully integrated with the enterprise management system based at INVOPAK’s Head Office in Manchester. The system at INVOPAK was supplied by Access Dimensions who worked closely with Pepperneck to allow seamless, fast and efficient data transfer between website and SQL servers, enabling orders directly from the web to be placed into the INVOPAK system and new product information to be easily added to the website.

Online marketing
INVOPAK’s website is supported by Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and ongoing online marketing including an intelligent back link programme, meta information management, regionalisation for search engines and email marketing campaigns. 

PR and Social Media
A news area has recently been added to INVOPAK’s website to share company news and ensure fresh content is regularly added to the homepage, supporting INVOPAK’s SEO efforts. Pepperneck provides INVOPAK with a turn-key PR service, including management of all social media activity, which has significantly helped to raise brand awareness.
Off line marketing.

INVOPAK operates in a mature and competitive market; its sales team is regarded as a key asset and the company needed to ensure the team had the right tools to promote both the INVOPAK brand and the products its offers. Pepperneck developed a comprehensive suite of sales tools including a flexible product presentation which could be presented in various formats and continues to work with the sales team to ensure it has the tools needed to effectively sell INVOPAK’s products and services.

Exhibition support
Packaging buyers have traditionally awarded significant amounts of business at exhibitions, offering great potential for INVOPAK. Pepperneck supports INVOPAK with all aspects of event attendance – from booking stand space, coordinating catalogue entries and producing stand graphics, to implementing PR and social media campaigns, Pepperneck ensures INVOPAK maximises its attendance at all trade shows to ensure a healthy return on investment.


Key Facts

The carefully targeted and integrated marketing programme has resulted in:
• A 60% increase in enquiries with a conversion rate approaching 35%. This has required permanent additional resources in the sales office in Manchester!
• Significantly improved Google rankings for key search terms including regionalised/local searches
• A huge increase in sales enquiries via Google PPC advertising
• Industry leading, professionally produced exhibition stands that generate high levels of interest and meaningful sales enquiries
• Email marketing campaigns using product related newsletters that have increased the variety of products sold into existing customers
• A high performance website which has resulted in interest from export markets










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