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Californian company expands global presence with Pepperneck

Los Angeles based metalworking fluid manufacturer, Chem Arrow, approached Pepperneck for strategic marketing support to assist its expansion plans in its home territory and to help the independently owned company establish a presence in a number of additional markets including Europe and the Far East.

To date, Pepperneck and Chem Arrow have worked closely together for four years creating a successful partnership which has resulted in a substantial increase in awareness of the Chem Arrow brand and increased sales of its full range of metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants and cleaners.

Chem Arrow President, Hamish Mitchell, says, “Pepperneck has played a vital role in helping Chem Arrow achieve its business development goals. The staff at Pepperneck have experience with the manufacturing industry which has helped them understand how to successfully reach our global customer base via the web and social media.”

Strategic Marketing Plan
The key objectives for Chem Arrow are growth in their home market and generating sustainable export sales documented in its three and five year business plans. Pepperneck was brought in to develop an online marketing plan to achieve Chem Arrow’s aspirations. The result was a new website providing scalability, enabling translations, distributor support development and ease of use for the visitor.

Online Performance
The main aim of the project was to create a hard working website to use as the main hub of Chem Arrow’s marketing focus with strong search engine performance, not only in the California region, but also additional target markets including Canada and Mexico and the development of the European and Far East markets. Pepperneck has invested in generating a comprehensive best practice model for search engine optimisation and marketing. Creating an audit report for the online performance highlighted search terms and phrases used by visitors looking for the range of products Chem Arrow has to offer, together with detailed information regarding competitor online performance and internet activity.

Improving market penetration in Canada is one of Chem Arrow’s KPIs. Pepperneck created regionalised pages with a high level of local content to improve long tail search performance. This has resulted in top ten ranking for the selected key words in those regions. The uptake in enquires as a result has justified further regionalisation programmes into other key areas.

Business Specific
As part of the strategic plan, Pepperneck highlighted the requirement to focus on the specialist niche market in stamping fluids associated with the heating and air conditioning sectors. This was achieved by creating a website specifically for the HVAC market, with key words and phrases being embedded into the text and website to produce strong search engine performance.

Research into the typical visitor to the site and information they were seeking generated a number of ‘personas’. A new product led website was created with deliberate paths created for visitors with known personas to take them to the information they require, hence improving traffic conversion rates.

Export Strategy
As part of the overall plan, Pepperneck created an online export strategy to cater for translations, local domains, local hosting and micro sites. This strategy is designed to improve online presence and confirm credibility in the target countries. The local sites created then act as the central hub of the local marketing activities.

A number of target markets require translation into the local language. This programme started with the site for Mexico being translated into Spanish. Further translations are planned including a number of European languages, simplified Chinese and selected Far East languages. Pepperneck coordinates the translations, ensuring the technical and engineering documents are translated in context.  Pages of the website are then laid out compensating for any changes in volume of the text.

PR and Social Media
A news page has recently been added to to act as a hub for all PR and social media activity. Pepperneck generates regular content which is then syndicated across Chem Arrow’s LinkedIn, twitter and facebook profiles using the appropriate tone of voice for each audience. An increased presence in relevant trade journals, coupled with ‘social signals’ from Chem Arrow’s social media profiles, all help the company’s SEO efforts.

Implementation of the online strategy has resulted in:
• Substantial business growth in the USA, Canada and Mexico
• Significantly improved Google rankings for key search terms including regionalised/local searches
• Increase in web based sales enquiries
• High performance website that has facilitated interest from export markets
• An increased perception in the marketplace that ChemArrow is a growing international business

Find out how Pepperneck could help your business expand its global presence by contacting Business Development Director, Ian Woodward on +44 (0) 1684 578 546.

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