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International machine tool show opens up overseas opportunities

Pepperneck spent three days at EMO 2013 in Hannover last week supporting existing exhibiting clients and meeting with a number of American companies to discuss how strategic marketing support could improve their export sales.

EMO is the largest international machine tool show in the industry’s calendar and 2013 was the busiest show in its history. According to the official end-of-show report, just under 145,000 trade visitors from over 100 countries attended the show to view the latest products from 2,100 exhibitors drawn from 43 different countries.

The show presented Pepperneck with an excellent opportunity to meet with some of the exhibiting US companies interested in penetrating or expanding their presence in European and Asian markets.

Pepperneck’s Managing Director, Steve Adams, attended a series of pre-planned meetings to discuss how our services could help grow overseas business using existing clients as examples. He says, “Pepperneck already works with a number of American companies, including Chem Arrow, PRSi and Godfrey Wing, so EMO was an ideal opportunity to talk to more firms looking to expand their global sales. I met with a wide variety of companies from across the US and discussed a range of ways in which Pepperneck could add value to their operations.”

Companies expressed an interest in a number of key service areas, in particular Distribute; Pepperneck’s bespoke, permission based information portal specifically aimed at making life easier for businesses where information distribution to key stakeholders and sales partners plays a significant role in their sales strategy.

Steve continues “Perhaps unsurprisingly, Distribute generated lots of positive feedback as it enables companies that export to efficiently manage a huge amount of data and resources that are vital to supporting their distributor networks. Attending EMO and discussing our services face to face was hugely beneficial and we’re looking forward to working closely with more US companies in the following months and years.”

Using an established UK based agency can bring a number of benefits to US companies; they will be experienced in the specific sectors and industries, in this case machine tools, and will already have relationships with trade media; it can be more cost effective than using a comparable American company; time zones do not cause any issues thanks to the internet (meetings can be held through Skype when necessary) and some companies view the UK as a ‘gateway’ to Europe and Asia.

Pepperneck’s Directors have more than 60 years’ combined experience in international sales in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, and the company’s commitment to US based clients is demonstrated by the fact that it recently opened a US dollar bank account to negate the currency risk involved with trading internationally.

Contact Business Development Director, Ian Woodward, or call the office on +44 (0)1684 578 546 to find out how Pepperneck could help your business penetrate new global markets.

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