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Targeted PR support for business

Shropshire based oil mist extraction manufacturer, Filtermist, has contracted Pepperneck to deliver national and international PR to support its marketing activities.

Pepperneck has worked with Filtermist for more than 10 years to ensure its international marketing efforts are fully integrated through its global website and communications with sales partners around the world.

Filtermist Managing Director, James Stansfield, says “Filtermist views Pepperneck as its marketing department – we have established an excellent working relationship with the whole team and value its specialist knowledge of all aspects of international marketing. Filtermist has experienced significant growth over the last few years, and increased PR activity, both in the UK and overseas, will ensure this expansion continues.”

Pepperneck will be raising Filtermist’s profile as a leading light in export markets with the regional business community, as well as supporting attendance at international trade shows.

Pepperneck’s Managing Director, Steve Adams, says “Pepperneck’s extensive experience of international markets means we’re ideally placed to deliver targeted communications that deliver measurable return on investment. From Birmingham to Bangkok, we’ll make sure Filtermist gets the exposure it needs.”

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