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Social media marketing needs to integrate seamlessly with all of your marketing

Plan your social media marketing as part of your PR programme with your website at the core or you will be wasting a lot of resources whilst losing out on a lot of profile building and lead generating opportunities.

A typical example, though it may seen surprising, is that many companies are now adding details of what they are going to be showing at a forhcoming exhibition on to their blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and even Youtube accounts. Many do not however consider sending this infiormation as a press release to the key trade journals covering the exhibition or in many cases do not even send it to the exhibition organisers to include in the pre show publicity.

It may seem basic and obvious but it is happening! If you have gone to the trouble of preparing an article make sure you syndicate it as widely as possible. It will need editing to suit the different channels you use to circulate the information but the increased return on investment for this additional time will be worth it.

And remember, most sales and conversions will happen on your website so make sure you use your website as the hub of all your social marketing and PR.


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