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B2B sector needs to wake up to the power of blogging!

Many organisations in the business to business sector, are failing to grasp the opportunities offered by integrating blogging into their overall marketing plan.

Many of the organisations we speak to still regard blogging as a consumer marketing tool with no relevance in the B2B sector.

The reality is that blogging can be used as a highly effective, practical marketing tool that will help generate B2B sales leads and online sales.


Blogging software allows you to add content to your website that supports the conversion of visitors into paying customers and sales leads.

Blogs are a fantastic way to add a human voice to your site and connect with those clients who are looking for a little more depth to their onsite experience.

Blogging software also allows you to develop content to support your marketing efforts and provides an opportunity to highlight the excellent experience and knowledge you have accumulated within your business.
Google loves blogs as they demonstrate that your website is a living, growing entity. Google rewards websites that are always adding content with higher search engine rankings. Why not make use of this fantastic software to develop your website?

Blogging delivers search engine indexed pages that help your target market find you more often. Developing content in this fashion ensures Google sees your website as a living, growing business and rewards it with higher search rankings over those sites that become stale and add no content.
Blogging software allows you to add content to your website that helps create more sales.
In constructing the sales case for a prospective customer to buy online or request a sales call, a well developed reference library of blog posts highlighting your specific skills and technical knowledge can provide the competitive advantage that makes all the difference.

Why not use the blog as the voice behind the company name. People buy from people. People want to know who they will be dealing with and what makes them worth dealing with. Use the blog as a chance to demonstrate the difference you can make to their business.

Use Blogging software to integrate a newsletter section into your website. Allow readers to access current and past editions of the newsletter and ensure you reap the maximum benefits from the content you have carefully developed.

Use email marketing and encouraging the reader to click through to your website where the full article is stored in your blog. This generates more traffic to the website and creates more opportunities to educate your clients about other services and products that you offer.
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