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Pepperneck build International business

Websites targeted at overseas markets need to become more focussed to compete at a local level.

It is extremely important that you understand how your products and services are searched for in each market in order to maximise your exposure in each of your target markets. SEO audit and research by country and then using the resultant information to build website content will increase your search engine results locally.

The ever changing rules that Google et al use to ensure the right businesses head the top of any search has driven the need to constantly be aware and respond accordingly. Not only should you now look to have local domain names but to improve performance you now need local hosting.

Having an empathy with the cultures and languages when creating your strategy, designing your websites for the countries you operate in will ensure they are relevant to each market. A number of Pepperneck customers have country specific websites that have enabled them to increase search engine traffic, sales and compete with and in some cases outperform the indigenous suppliers. 

Utilising the website as facility to support local distributors, subsidiaries or joint ventures increases the awareness and usefulness of the websites to the sales network. The distributor support portal can then be developed into an ongoing resource centre capable of handing technical support, application information, order status and down loadable software updates using Pepperneck i-source.

Over the past 10 years Pepperneck has built a reputation for helping manufacturing businesses increase sales in overseas markets through focus on regional and/or individual export markets. This level of expertise spans several continents with Pepperneck websites active in India, Far East, Europe and USA.

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