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Filtermist reap rewards of integrating traditional & digital marketing

A decade of profitable growth

Pepperneck has been working in partnership with Filtermist for over 10 years, successfully integrating a comprehensive digital marketing plan with traditional promotional programmes. The result is a decade of highly successful and profitable development of this globally respected, market leading brand.


A global website strategy

Filtermist operates in over 40 countries throughout the World so a robust web strategy is required to promote the brand internationally whilst working in conjunction with the local distributor in each country.

Filtermist International - Choosing country on global website

Filtermist Logo

Key Facts


Global engineering, manufacturing & process industries


Air cleaning equipment and servicing, coolant control equipment and filter rolls

Key Facts:
  • 10 years of global growth working in partnership with Pepperneck
  • International websites servicing 8 languages and 40 countries
  • E-commerce established for UK engineering sector
  • No.1 positions achieved on Google search engine rankings
  • E-mail marketing increase website visitors and sales leads

The solution

A website strategy has been successfully implemented based on website visitors being required to specify their country of operation. Appropriate translation and localisation is then provided on For major markets, dedicated country domains with standalone websites have been created to allow focussed promotion and search engine optimisation in each country.

This strategy successfully maximises the global online profile of and simultaneously exploits the benefits of a localised online presence in key markets.


A focussed UK strategy for e-commerce and lead generation

Filtermist supplies a highly diversified range of air cleaning equipment, services, engineering equipment and consumables to the UK market. The online strategy combines promotion and support of capital equipment, creates online sales of lower value items and generates enquiries from highly specific target sectors.

Filtermist UK ecommerce website

The solution

In addition to its global role, the website was expanded to include dedicated areas for the UK market, including e-commerce and online ordering functions to drive sales of lower value equipment and consumables.

Filter Rolls UK microsite

Filter Rolls UK microsite


To improve conversion of visitors interested in air cleaning equipment and services, the UK website provides clear guidance on meeting legal requirements for health and safety plus information on the wider commercial benefits of improving work environments.

The growing market for filter rolls was successfully targeted through the main UK web site and complemented by a dedicated microsite that allows focussed search engine optimisation and marketing.


Achieving top spot on Google
UK & Global

Underpinning Filtermist's web strategies is the need to achieve outstanding results for search engine rankings. Pepperneck has invested heavily in the creation of a best practice model for search engine optimisation and marketing. This provides a flexible framework for undertaking marketing audits, research and implementation programmes that is based on fact rather than opinion or guesswork for achieving good search engine rankings.

Filtermist in Google search results for 'oil mist removal'Filtermist dominates search results for popular industrial search terms

The Results

For Filtermist the results (as at 29th June 2010) for natural search engine rankings on Google speak for themselves:

Search Term Google position(s)Google UK position(s)
oil mist filters 1 1
oil mist removal 1 & 2 1 & 2
oil mist collectors 6 1 & 2


Position% Visitors
1 34
2 17
3 11
4 8
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 3
10 3

When you look at analysis of search engine positions against the percentage of visitors that click through to websites it becomes clear that a page one position is not enough.

Positions 1 and 2 alone on Google will usually account for over 50%* of visitors – this has to be the target!

(* data based on a sample of 8,253,240 searches on Google by the Chitika Advertising Network in May 2010)


Email marketing used to increase website visits and support telesales

Email marketing and telesales working together…

Ongoing e-mail marketing programmes are used in conjunction with landing pages on the websites and in tandem with traditional telesales campaigns. When promoting new services, new products, market updates and sales promotions, the key to success is creating e-mails that are of interest and add value to the target audience – making sure they are read and acted upon and never regarded as spam.


Offline programmes are a fundamental part of the mix

Advertising, Exhibitions & Events, Brochures

Graphic design & advertising is a fundamental marketing requirement in this sector. Hard copy product literature is still demanded by many customers and trade journal advertising needs to integrate seamlessly with the digital marketing programmes for maximum impact and return.

Exhibitions, events and press relations are still a fundamental part of the programme. Over the past 10 years Pepperneck has provided Filtermist with turn key project management of UK and International exhibitions and conferences, including EMO in Germany and Mach in the UK. This is supported by trade and business media relations services, producing and managing press releases and briefings on product, technology and commercial topics.


Pepperneck is based in Ledbury near Hereford and work with clients throughout the UK, developing partnerships that focus on delivering tangible results that directly benefit the bottom line. Our digital marketing programmes sell more products, increase sales enquiries and improve our clients profile in key target markets.

For a friendly, no-obligation chat to explore how we might be able to help you meet your sales and marketing objectives please email or call us on 01531 636866.

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