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Is your email marketing working?

Segmenting e-mail lists

E-mail marketing is so easy and comparatively cheap it is simple to launch a series of campaigns with a fraction of the thought that would have been put into expensive traditional direct marketing campaigns.

Is your email marketing working?

The most obvious example is list segmentation. I am sure we have all been on the receiving end of e-mail marketing that is of absolutely no interest to us, even if it is from a company we have known well for a long period. How often have you been treated to a highly visual e-mail from a supplier that has obviously been sent to everyone on their mailing list, containing nothing more than general news and product announcements?

How difficult can it be to separate current customers from potentials and then further subdivide according to products previously purchased or by type of enquiry previously received? With a bit of thought and creativity it is then possible to easily create targeted e-mail communications addressed to the interests of each category of readers you have been able to define.

This will not only dramatically boost the response to each mailing it will also do a lot to ensure that e-mail contacts are not lost to you forever because they have unsubscribed from your uninteresting, non-targeted e-mail.


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