Marketing for Export

The two directors combine over 40 years of board level experience in sales, marketing and technology roles, working to develop Global brands based in Britain and overseas. The company boasts a superb track record in helping their clients achieve profitable sales growth in Worldwide markets.


What do Pepperneck provide?

Localisation – not just translation. (Transcreation – for those of you who like the latest jargon!) Underpinning all of the Pepperneck international marketing services is the fact that effective global marketing requires not only translation but also localisation of messages and promotional materials. Each country may require slightly different sales messages and even certain images are not appropriate in some countries due to cultural differences. This Global segmentation is always our starting point. Depending on client requirements and available resources we are then able to work with in-country specialists or the clients own distributors or partners to get the messages and channels exactly right in each country.


Global Public Relations and Media Relations campaigns

We build international press lists and manage multi language campaigns that generate sales leads and increase brand awareness in 100's of countries


International Social media campaigns

We primarily focus on blogging, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to generate leads and grow brand profile around the World.


Distributor / Partner support

Our experience lets us help you get it right, knowing when to directly run your own campaigns into a country and when to empower your distributor to run the campaign. We make sure that the campaign has maximum effect whilst maintaining control of your brand. Whatever the quality of each distributor you need to provide all the tools they need to do the job, and in a Global market that means 24/7 availability. Our web based distributor support package has been developed over many years with a series of internationally successful companies and is designed to allow you to empower your distributors whilst maintaining absolute control. User permissions are set for every user so they can only access what you allow them to. We have already developed an extensive library of "Apps" that cover the majority of requirements for an international marketing programme. These "Apps" allow searching, downloads, online support and ordering across areas that include:

  • Product information
  • Case Studies
  • Technical and Application information
  • Training
  • Proposals
  • Technical Support
  • Promotional materials and artwork
  • Photo libraries
  • Email marketing
  • Exhibition materials
  • Account specific pricing and discounts


Global website development

Translation, localisation, in-country hosting, Global domain strategies are just the start of what we provide in our bespoke website design and development programmes. Our experience in international markets has led to the development of website strategies that utilise one central database to maintain multiple websites in various languages around the World. One data change on a product specification or one product photo update is all that is required to update all of your websites. But the system is still flexible enough to allow an individual in a specific country access to update agreed areas of that country website, using the login system provided for Distributor support - a seamless management package. If required, certain distributors can be allowed to add additional country specific products and information to their relevant website, without affecting the Global consistency of your web presence, simply by ticking a user permission to use the Content Management System in the online distributor support system.


Why Pepperneck?

If you "Google" international marketing" or ask the next international marketing expert you happen to meet, what is the best approach to tackling Global marketing programmes the stock answer is always the same: "Treat each country as you would the UK. Do detailed research to make sure you target the right country, audience and channels, do a detailed marketing strategy for every individual country, use in country specialists in each instance, treat each country as a unique segment and create bespoke programmes for each, and so on!" This is perfectly correct but the scope of this is outside the resources of most SME's and can make for a daunting prospect. Pepperneck has the experience to help you to develop the process in a manageable and cost effective manner, advising on the key priorities that will allow you to take your international marketing to the next step. We help deliver affordable success!


Services tailored for you – but don't take our word for it!

The services outlined above are not off-the shelf products made to fit your needs. They are proven technologies and approaches that we use in bespoke marketing and web solutions developed for each client, ensuring the optimum solution in each case. But don't take our word for it! We will happily put you in contact with some of the highly successful companies who are taking advantage of these international marketing services.

Pepperneck helps businesses throughout the UK and abroad to reach marketing goals. Get in touch to arrange a no obligation consultation on something you’re looking to achieve.



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