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Pepperneck managing director to speak at Made in the Midlands

Midlands based marketing agency, Pepperneck Limited, is delighted to announce its managing director, Steve Adams, will be speaking at this year’s Made in the Midlands exhibition taking place on Thursday 12th May, at the GTG Training and Conference Centre.

Pepperneck is a specialist marketing agency that works with a large range of manufacturing companies and Steve will be talking about how they go about maximising return on investment from their marketing spend both in the UK and around the world.

“He will also talk about how to generate the content required to drive marketing within limited resources yet still have a proactive programme with great information that keeps your website updated, supports search engine performance, drives your email marketing and gets high profile media coverage. 

“Steve will offer advice on how to recruit, motivate and improve the marketing performance of distributors in the UK or a global network as well as looking at the challenges of managing domains, website and marketing materials in numerous countries and languages around the world.

“Pepperneck will provide real-life examples and practical solutions of how this can be achieved in an affordable way for all manufacturers, whatever their size.

Steve adds: “We have in-depth knowledge of the challenges manufacturers face and, more importantly, experience in delivering successful solutions for them.” 

Steve will be speaking at 3.45pm - make a date in your diary if you are attending Made in the Midlands or come and see us on Stand 61.

Pepperneck helps businesses throughout the UK and abroad to reach marketing goals. Get in touch to arrange a no obligation consultation on something you're looking to achieve.



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